Posted in September 2012

Be a Practical Coach

One of the most inspiring leadership books I’ve read is a gem called The Practical Coach, this blog post is dedicated to it. The Practical Coach teaches us to be… well…. practical. It teaches us to keep it simple, real, & light. Yes, “simple, real, light” sounds like advertizing for a low-fat yogurt. Being a … Continue reading

Social Media Monster

Social Media Monster? You know one. They’re also ninjas, experts, and whores. I’m a private person. So much in fact at my wedding I nearly put a disclaimer on the invite asking guests not to post photos of my wedding on their social accounts. Yikes, right? I fought it tooth and nail for some time … Continue reading

Intention, planning, & purpose

Calling all doers, over achievers and under achievers. This one’s for you. Intention, by definition, is: to propose or plan; have in mind, mean; to have a purpose as specified. What resonates? To plan and to have purpose. These are short, big words. Planning with purpose.  I look at these words: intention, plan, purpose and … Continue reading