The Girl

 “Just a girl who’s on a mission to live a life of value, not of success.”

Curious about behaviour, motivation, and life’s purpose, I’m practically obsessed with self-improvement and personal growth. I’m on a simple quest to live a life that’s rich in love and to always be better than I was yesterday.

A “people person” by definition, I’m social, warm, talkative, and touchy. I’m my truest self when I’m influencing positive change and connecting with others.

Writing since I could print, it’s one of my essential creative outlets (dancing is the other!) This colloquial blog is a story about self-exploration, goals, success, and dreams. It’s about finding a path to our truest self and living a happy life. And of course, there are plenty of apparent disasters on route.

By day you’ll find me doing what I do best: helping others. I’m a people pro, responsible to help organizations create and sustain an environment in which people want to do their best work. It’s a rewarding career, full of so many challenges and gifts.

By night you’ll find me unbridled, working out my high energy at the gym, dancing, or playing softball. I’m almost always thinking about my next meal and consider most special occasions to be more about the food, than the event.

Welcome to my blog. I aim to make you think, laugh, and do.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland