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The Divine Plan

Do you believe in fate? I do. I believe that our life’s plans are already written for us and we’re merely following along in steps. Sometimes we don’t take the universe’s cues to change course seriously or we make a decision that veers us off the path but eventually we will be pulled back on … Continue reading

Moments of Weakness

To tend, unfailingly, unflinchingly, towards a goal, is the secret to success. ~ Anna Pavlova It’s the journey, not the destination. No one ever died of hard work. Success breeds success. These ideas run through my mind as my pursuit of achievement pulses forward. I’m  just two weeks into my quest and frankly, I’m exhausted. … Continue reading

Give More, Get More | 2013 Purpose & Goals

That’s right, 2013 — I’m bringing it. Big, hairy, audacious goals. It’s on. Every year as December approaches and thoughts of the new year come to mind I am met with a buzz of excitement — something exciting is happening. I’ve felt that way for the past six or seven years. I had something – … Continue reading

My Two Problems with Pinterest

Pinterest — sweeping wives, sisters, girlfriends and mom’s across the world. And yes, I am now “on” it. Naturally, I protested for quite sometime. A lovely friend of mine. My sister. I had many women urging me to, “join Pinterest! Come on!” But, as someone who procrastinates on jumping bandwagons, I pushed back. What on … Continue reading

5 Steps To Set Off Your Success

Building a career today is a multifaceted, dynamic goal. Gone are the days where you secured yourself an entry level position and expected to stay there (perhaps in that very job) for the next forty years. Today, we are building brands; we are investing in self-education, and we are building our future selves. With so … Continue reading

Ask Yourself: Why?

Last month I volunteered with Fast & Female at a Girls in Sport event. During the day we had a chance to participate in an activity and somehow – despite my internal grumblings – I ended up in the yoga session. Let me set the record straight —  I kind of hate yoga. Yes, yes, … Continue reading


The leaves are turning, the temperature is dipping, and I’m settling in for a long winters nap….. Wait, wrong story….! As the weather changes I find myself falling into books, nooks, and quiet moments of content.  The rain gives me chances to pause, breathe, and simply be. In these moments of quiet content I’ve read, … Continue reading

Be a Practical Coach

One of the most inspiring leadership books I’ve read is a gem called The Practical Coach, this blog post is dedicated to it. The Practical Coach teaches us to be… well…. practical. It teaches us to keep it simple, real, & light. Yes, “simple, real, light” sounds like advertizing for a low-fat yogurt. Being a … Continue reading

Social Media Monster

Social Media Monster? You know one. They’re also ninjas, experts, and whores. I’m a private person. So much in fact at my wedding I nearly put a disclaimer on the invite asking guests not to post photos of my wedding on their social accounts. Yikes, right? I fought it tooth and nail for some time … Continue reading

Intention, planning, & purpose

Calling all doers, over achievers and under achievers. This one’s for you. Intention, by definition, is: to propose or plan; have in mind, mean; to have a purpose as specified. What resonates? To plan and to have purpose. These are short, big words. Planning with purpose.  I look at these words: intention, plan, purpose and … Continue reading